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Can a Pre-Round Warm Up Increase Club Head Speed?

Study Shows Improvement Over Time with Golf-Specific Exercises Prior to Swing

After completing a study with 20 golfers to determine the effects of a golf-specific warm up on club head speed, golfers are seeing an exciting difference. It seems that, with a brief warm up routine, golfers were able to increase their club head speeds by an average of 24%, as opposed to a control group, which saw virtually no change over the testing period.

The objective of the study was to prove that golfers could increase their club head speed by performing a solid warm-up routine prior to beginning their round. In order to test the theory, 10 golfers on a control team were matched with 10 golfers on a test team. Each golfer was matched for age within 2 years and handicap within 1 stroke. The golfers were initially tested with 10 golf strokes to determine their club head speed in a controlled laboratory setting. Guess what happened next?

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How to Increase Your Drive Distance

How many golfers are looking to increase club head speed?

Along with faster, more fluid club head speed comes increased drive distance. The two principles work hand in hand. Since this is the one quality almost every golfer seeks to improve. Let’s look at how to make this happen.

Distance is directly related to the swing speed and the ball velocity the golfer can generate off the face of the club.

A golfer’s swing speed is determined by:

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3 Ways to Train Your Core for Golf

Perhaps one of the biggest changes in the golf world today is the increased emphasis on fitness for golf. Tour professionals and amateurs alike are practicing regular fitness routines specifically targeted for golf. The results are more powerful golf swings and more consistent performance on the course.

Physical training should be a compliment to your complete process of development as a player. While the majority of golfers are now being educated as to the importance of “core” conditioning and its benefits to your game, let’s take a look at the various ways to train this area of your body.

Why train the core for golf?

When someone talks about their “core”, they’re referring to the muscles that go deep within the abs and back attaching to the spine or pelvis. A few of these muscles are the tranversus abdominis(TVA), the muscles of the pelvic floor, the lats and the obliques. The core muscles are the origination point for stability and movement in the golf swing. Stronger core muscles convert to better balance and a more powerful swing. They act to produce power, stabilization and transference of energy.

However, did you know there are various types of core exercises? Here’s a few to try.

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