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Can a Pre-Round Warm Up Increase Club Head Speed?

Study Shows Improvement Over Time with Golf-Specific Exercises Prior to Swing

After completing a study with 20 golfers to determine the effects of a golf-specific warm up on club head speed, golfers are seeing an exciting difference. It seems that, with a brief warm up routine, golfers were able to increase their club head speeds by an average of 24%, as opposed to a control group, which saw virtually no change over the testing period.

The objective of the study was to prove that golfers could increase their club head speed by performing a solid warm-up routine prior to beginning their round. In order to test the theory, 10 golfers on a control team were matched with 10 golfers on a test team. Each golfer was matched for age within 2 years and handicap within 1 stroke. The golfers were initially tested with 10 golf strokes to determine their club head speed in a controlled laboratory setting. Guess what happened next?

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