Attention Serious Golfers: The easiest, most reliable game plan for your body to get you playing like the pros is ready for you!!

How an Average Golfer Fixed His Tight Hips and Unleashed an Extra 20 Yards Off the Tee Using One Simple Move He'd Never Heard Of....

All From the Comfort of His Home in Less Than 20 Seconds

All golfers run into the same problems... Too many mishits, poor quality movements, tight shoulders, trouble making a good hip turn, and getting tired too early in your round.

The good news?  

Body for Golf solves them.

Dear fellow golfer,

How frustrating is it to try everything imaginable to lower your golf score, yet continue to fail miserably?

Isn’t it agonizing when your golf game seems to be improving tremendously in one round, but then it falls apart in the next round?

Are you spending countless hours trying to figure out how to improve your swing, yet you don’t seem to be seeing any results?

The good news is…you’ve come to the right place.

It's time to find out how golfers are playing healthy year round with effortless swings that produce visible results on the golf course...and we've got the answers. 

You'll NEVER get to the top of your game on your own without accessing the natural powers of your own body...

The truth is…the pros achieve outstanding results because they use fitness and nutrition programs designed specifically for the game of golf.

Sadly, there are many untruths being told about how to get in shape for golf. In fact, few people even understand the real connection between your body and your swing and how to prepare it for a lifetime of play. And, not just to play golf, BUT playing golf at peak performance.

You Need a Breakthrough Golf-Specific Program to Get You Results, Fast

The #1 thing competitive and tour golfers have in common is that they ALL engage in golf fitness.

Tour golfers wouldn’t be where they are today if they didn’t understand the vital connection between their level of fitness and their swing.

But, sadly, the majority of average, every day players don't have the same access. 

Just take a look at the living legend, Gary Player, otherwise known as the Black Knight. Gary won nine major championships on the regular tour and six Champions Tour major championship victories, and if that’s not enough to impress you, he also won three Senior British Open Championships on the European Senior Tour. He’s 85, and he’s still unstoppable.

Want to know his secret?

Gary trains extensively using golf-specific workout routines which gives him those long and straight drives that you crave.


"A fit player will always succeed over an out-of-shape player. The swing is not the thing. It's how fit you are."

Still not convinced?

Tough crowd…

Take a look at Greg Norman, a 66-year old previous golf champ who is the self-entitled pioneer of golf fitness. Greg trains with cutting-edge workout routines specifically designed for golf. In an interview he snarled, “I’m appalled by people who don’t look after their bodies.”

Greg norman

"I keep healthy and fit and strong because it's good for my body and my mind."

Are you one of those people?

It's so easy to show you real life examples of pros who train with golf fitness. We could talk about this for hours.

Let’s take a look at Tiger Woods, shall we?

Not only has he always relied on his muscular physique to dominate on the course, but he continued to use fitness to launch a comeback (time and time again) after numerous back surgeries and a knee surgery.

And let's not even get started on his road to recovery these days...but it's safe to say building strength in his leg muscles will be critical.

tiger woods

"The greatest thing about tomorrow is, I will be better than I am today."

Bryson DeChambeau is very publicly chasing distance. He uses a proprietary muscle activation protocol to wake up all his small core muscles and treat his imbalances for better strength and longer drives. 

Justin Thomas used golf fitness to build more muscle and more stability for his frame.

We could name player after player...using golf training to improve all the hard work they're putting out on the course and in practice. 

And Bernhard Langer... wow...he's the new inspiration of a lifetime...

Every season we see him shattering the "oldest golfer to make the cut at the Masters" AND "the oldest to win on the Champions Tour"...

He's the definition of unstoppable...


"I'm trying to give the 50 and 60 year old golfers a lot of hope...."

The list goes on and on...

The older golfers may have paved the way for the younger crew, even though it was a choice back in the day. 

But not have no chance to succeed on tour and get to the top without fitness. 

Even the "peoples favorite" protects his body through fitness


"because I've spent more time fixing my swing at the gym than on the range..."

All secrets of success are visible.

As you can see, it’s no secret that you’re not playing at your true potential because you simply don’t yet have the tools to give your body what it needs physically and nutritionally to consistently play an exceptional game of golf.

Handicap 5 or 15, 20 or 31:

Guess What We All Share? 

The desire to be better tomorrow than we played today...just like Tiger Woods said above. 

We not only share many of the same desires, but we also share some of the same fears. 

  • Do I have what it takes to step up to the tee and blast it down the middle of the fairway?
  • Do I have what it takes to keep improving or will I be stuck as an average golfer forever?
  • Do I have what it takes to get the help that I need when I need it so I can break barriers with the game I love?

Nobody...and I mean...NOT a single golfer wants to be forced out of the game due to injury or because they can't get their ball in the air or down the fairway any more. 

The game is frustrating enough. There's no need to bring humiliation into the picture. 

Here's 4 simple steps to follow to get the golf body of your dreams and play the golf of your life.

These 4 Steps reveal the things you MUST HAVE if you want to play low scoring golf, drop your handicap and achieve your ideal golf body.

Step #1: Build a Core Powered Swing

You know who has a core powered swing? Jon Rahm.

You can see him engage his core moments before his swing and that has led him to his current position as one of the best and most consistent golfers of our time.

And...he's not the only one by a long shot.

Golfers have one very powerful center of force and it’s called the core.

The golf swing relies upon core strength, endurance and proper engagement for any kind of reliable distance off the tee.

And, it’s just not off the tee, but it can affect every shot you make leading to the green.

Wherever you find a weak core, you find a major source of energy leaks in the golf swing.

Most golfers have a very weak core, and as a result, chronic posture problems.

Over time, this creates wear and tear on the body. A golfer with a weak core is vulnerable to injury and struggles with efficiency in their swing.

Step #2: Take Special Care of Your 3 Critical Golf Joints

Can you guess the top 3 areas of concern on the body for most every golfer? That’s right. It’s the shoulders, hips and spine!

Most people don’t know the right techniques to activate their powerful trio.

Every great golf instructor will tell you that your body rotates around your spine. It acts like a pivot point in the golf swing.

Without the correct method of shoulder rotation, you have very little chance of getting your arms in the proper position in your backswing and, sadly, this limits your follow through.

And the hips?

Top players initiate their downswing with the powerful muscles of the abs and hips. Once the desired momentum is generated by the lower body, they use their arm muscles to effectively “fine tune” the swing.

Recreational players, on the other hand, use their arm muscles right at the outset. As a result, they are unable to recruit the latent muscle-power in their lower body, while the arm muscles work extra hard both to power and guide the club. No wonder it leads to an inconsistent swing!

Step #3: Develop Better Rhythm and Timing through Exercise

This is a topic we could discuss all day long! This is absolutely critical you learn how exercises and specific golf moves can be performed to help you have better sequencing in your swing, better timing and even better rhythm.

We will also show you the precise moves to train for proper ground work to produce more power in your golf swing. will finally get the distance you dream of and it will be so much easier than you ever imagined. 

Step #4: Train Movement, NOT Muscles

You think you know about golf training? Because bicep curls are not the answer!

So, what’s the difference between weight training and movement training?

For weight training, the idea is to build muscle and strength and all (or the majority) of player’s have a regular fitness routine they follow. Think of it as a growth phase of your training.

With movement training, there is less emphasis on the amount of weight you are lifting and more emphasis on how you move.

In golf training and especially in working with elite golfers, the common saying is "train  movements, not muscle".

Of course, the muscles will respond.

Where Can You Find a Golf Program that Can Instantly Bring Your Body and Your Game to the Next Level? 

Let us introduce you to the most trusted program on the internet...for golfers in more than 27 countries 

Introducing Body for Golf...the Only Solution You'll Ever Need...

With this program, you’ll burst through your past plateaus and start playing better than you ever imagined possible.

Gone are the days of immense frustration when you know you’re playing well below your real potential.

I know what you’re thinking, but no, this isn’t another one of those horrible 60-minute cardio programs that turn you into a robot or a bodybuilder getting you ripped and tight across your shoulders and chest which only hinders your golf game.

The Body for Golf Program gets you playing exceptional golf, and finally getting the scores that you want, FAST. This is the program that is going to build you that coveted lean, athletic body built specifically to insanely improve your golf performance.

This program is designed for golf performance. It is not for hackers.

No offense to any hackers out there, we were all hackers at some point. But, hackers don’t really want to improve and they are usually unwilling to do the extra things that good golfers like you are willing to do in the name of playing better golf.

It Only Takes a Couple of Hours to Get You Playing to Your True Potential!

With only three short duration sessions per week (that’s just a few hours total!), you’ll burn fat, build muscle and sculpt your body like never before, and play dramatically better on the course so you never have to be embarrassed by poor scores again!

Now You Can FINALLY Get the Body of Your Dreams and Start Playing the Golf of Your Life, and Have Everyone Begging You to Coach Them!

The Body for Golf Program is a six-week program specifically designed to increase your drive distance, reduce your handicap and get you the stunning body you crave.

It will also show you...

  • How to dramatically lower your golf score
  • How to dramatically increase your drive distance
  • How to get in the best shape of your life which will make all of your friends jealous and have you effortlessly attracting members of the opposite sex.
  • And, maybe most importantly, how to blow your competition out of the water on the golf course! will give you what you really want...if we were being honest. We had to make sure the program would help you with these too...

  • Increase drive distance by 15 to 20 yards or more, although many would be happy with an additional 10 yards (just ask a tour player how important a few more yards would be to their game)
  • Increase energy levels so they feel refreshed and ready for the back nine. Some even wanted to finish with more energy than when they started! (ever been in a situation where it was hotter than expected, playing time was longer than expected?)
  • A lean, strong and flexible body to ensure you powerfully maximize every shot and feel so hot you’re on fire.
  • The edge in your golf game so they can be fierce competition for even the most serious golfers (There will always be another level of competition. How are you staying prepared?)

This program really had to be everything because we wanted to make sure you wouldn't get discouraged, lose hope or get frustrated. We knew you would want results that would help truly propel your game like never before. 

For the real, action-taking golfers who are tired of complaining and ready to start this life-transforming program, here are just a few insider secrets you’ll uncover when you invest in your golf performance NOW:

Here's How You'll Improve...

  • How to avoid the THREE Things 99% of aspiring golfers do that detrimentally hurts their golf game, so that you can easily change course and instantly improve your golf game!
  • Discover the mind-bending “Power Principles” that gets you shooting lower scores faster than you could ever imagine. This will attract dozens of followers who admire your game and boost your confidence so you’re ready to face any opponent.
  • Gain exclusive access to the golf-specific cardio plan of the pros that has been scientifically proven to burn the greatest amount of fat in the quickest period of time – and trust me, it’s not what you’re thinking!
  • The SHOCKING golf exercise plan that will have you feeling addicted to exercise even if you currently HATE working out.
  • Destroy all your doubts about your peak golf performance, so that you can FINALLY unleash the pro golfer that you know is inside of you and consistently break 80.
  • Learn the powerful strategies for attaining abundant energylimitless productivity, extreme fitness, and reduced stress for the first time in your life.
  • Find out the most effective way to exercise to reap the most benefits per minutes or unit of effort…NOT ALL EXERCISE IS CREATED EQUAL, regardless of the published calorie burn-rate associated with it!

And we're just getting started...

  • Discover the ONE mistake you’re making that causes your hips to detrimentally limit the power of your swing!
  • Learn how to accurately measure your current fitness level so that you can stop stagnating your golf game by spending more time on your weak areas.
  • Uncover the scientifically proven strength training workouts specifically designed to give you an insanely accurate golf swing!
  • Learn the quick and easy way to assess your physical limitations, and how to fix them fast so that your golf game can quickly become brag-worthy!
  • Learn the NUMBER ONE MISTAKE the 99.1% of people make when trying to gain muscle. Gaining muscle is a LOT easier than you think.
  • Discover the technical assessment used by the pros, so that you never have to pay for a “pro golf coach” ever again!
  • and much much more

The Body for Golf Program is 100% Guaranteed to Work For You, Even IF…

  • You’ve been playing golf for more than 2 years and have not seen any decrease in handicap.
  • You’re always ‘out driven’ by another golfer half your age (or more) and/or a fraction of your size!
  • You’ve NEVER achieved your FULL potential in golf.
  • You lack energy while playing and often feel fatigued.
  • You always have one nagging injury after another that takes forever to go away.
  • You constantly feel weakfrustrated and tired both on and off the course.
  • You just started playing the game of golf.
  • You have bad habits that are impossible to break.

Nothing could be better than seeing the smiles on your faces as you finally get the breakthrough you have wanted all along...

These golfers saw BIG improvements and lower scores...


Meet Michael...age 62, handicap 9.2

What I learned during this period was that my flexibility was super poor. Even though I knew a lot about some parts of being in shape – when it came to golf – I couldn’t do it on my own.

What happened after 6 weeks on the Body for Golf program?

I really got a lot more flexible. My shoulder turn improved about 30-40% at least. My hip rotation really improved also. I learned that my glutes, hip flexors, and hamstrings had a whole lot more to do with golf than I had ever imagined.

I had never viewed stretching as a way to make my body feel better and or feel more alive. I had always viewed stretching as something to warm up with. The wholeness of stretching improved my wellness feeling immensely. I just feel better now – bottom line.


Meet Stephen...age 59, handicap 21

I am ready to play the best golf of my life. You can see from the pictures below that I have already made the commitment to my body. I have lost 50 lbs and have kept it off for a full year. My plan is to continue my commitment for the rest of my life and as a by product, improve my game. My goal is a single digit handicap.

What happened after 6 weeks on the Body for Golf program?

I found my core strength improved. This was evident in my increased ability to stay stable in my lower body during the backswing and the initial transition move. I have been striking the ball more crisply.

I have experienced greater flexibility in my hip pelvis region. I am hitting the ball higher than I have in quite some time.


Meet Kathy...age 65, handicap 31

I’d like to play better golf. I have a pretty good swing, but not lots of distance. I putt pretty well and it saves me a lot of grief, but I think I can play better than I always do.

Some days I shoot in the mid 90s and other days it’s not so good. I want consistency and I believe with better fitness I would be.

I think you should choose me because there a lots of older women out there playing golf and we’d like to not be ignored for younger and perhaps what you folks might think more interesting projects. It’s important for older men and women to keep active and golf is one of the greatest ways I can think of to do that.

What happened after 6 weeks on the Body for Golf program?

Just a note to let you know how thankful I am. Luckily our weather is still pretty nice and we played golf today. I’m still doing all those great exercises and they’ve helped a lot. I’ve been working on a better follow through, so I’m not hitting it to the right so much. The exercises have helped me with turning all the way through.

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There's no need to try and justify such a low price when $19.99 is WAY LESS than the money most golfers throw down the toilet on useless training aides and poor quality products throughout the year.

Let’s say you’re lazy and you only do 10% of what is taught, even that will still improve your golf game at a much faster rate than you’re headed right now.

This price is CRAZY LOW. 

Maybe so, but golf might just be the most frustrating sport there is, and we want to make this as much of a no-brainer as possible for you.

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  2. 2
    Find out the secret to unlocking your strengths and weaknesses through this very unique golf assessment tool. Asks the right questions about your game so you can follow the fastest and easiest path to improvement. Custom developed by a team of golf experts: a top mental game guru, a well recognized golf instructor and a golf fitness trainer who works with pros. You can print out the scorecard and take it with you! Simply record the information and we'll show you how to interpret it in the next phase. It's super simple and guaranteed to help you look at your game in a completely different and unique way!

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This is for the golfer who is a little skeptical about his or her purchases on the internet. Is it safe? Will it work for me? What if I don't play better golf?

Don't worry. We have you covered no matter how you feel with this unconditional money back guarantee. You have 30 days to use the new Body for Golf 2.0 program. Watch your handicap drop and your scores lower! 

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Our Body for Golf Promise:

"Test Drive” the new Body for Golf Program 2.0 for the next 4 weeks with absolutely no risk so you can see for yourself how much you can improve your body and your game.."

It Makes the Path to Better Golf So Much Faster and Easier for Every Level of Handicap...You'll Be Heartbroken and Disappointed if You Don't Atleast Give it a Try 

Now you have a decision before you. Of course, you can click off this page without making any decision at all. But sadly there will be consequences. What do you have to gain by trying our program and what do you have to lose?

Start Body for Golf Today

  • Your body will begin to change and you'll start getting compliments.
  • Your golf swing will feel more effortless and natural.
  • You'll have more energy and mental clarity while you play.
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  • You'll be really glad you took this important first step to change your future...starting now

Do Nothing 

  • Stay frustrated with your game
  • Complain about how and why you need to change...but continue to do nothing.
  • Suffer through another agonizing golf season with little to no improvement.

It's Time to Take Immediate Action. 

So, What ARE You Waiting For?

Miss Out on Your Opportunity To FINALLY Learn The Real Secrets To Improving Your Golf Game And Regret it Forever

The sooner you take advantage of these revolutionary secrets, the faster you can change your fate and dramatically lower your score.

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This program will challenge you. But for those willing to accept that challenge the rewards will be tremendous.

  • You’ll increase your drive distance!
  • You’ll burn fat!
  • You’ll lower your handicap!
  • You’ll build lean muscle!
  • And you’ll look and feel and play better than you have in years!

We aren’t looking for golfers who want to get better but who aren’t willing to do the work.

We want driven golfers who want to work and reap the benefits of playing the golf of their dreams in JUST 6 WEEKS.

So will you get the help you need, or will you fail by going it alone?

Why make yourself go through all that frustrating trial and error of trying to find something, anything, that will improve your golf game?

When you could save yourself a lot of hard work as well as valuable time and money by joining the Body for Golf Program today?

This program is filled with practical and actionable tips that will help you avoid the common mistakes 99% of golfers make when trying to improve – which will keep money in your pocket and time on your side when you discover the sure-fire way to looking and playing better than you ever have before.

Trust us, this is the ONLY golf-specific fitness program where you will discover:

  • How to eliminate the diet and golf training myths from your mind so that you can focus on proven strategies guaranteed to help you get into the shape of your life and improve your game faster than you ever dared hope possible!
  • How to increase the effectiveness of your exercise – follow these tips and your body will become a metabolic machine!
  • How to set the right weight and performance goals and then not only achieve them but exceed them!
  • The truth about how much exercise you really need to lose weight and improve your game and when you should do it for maximum impact!
  • How to easily bust through fitness plateaus and keep getting stronger with each tournament or competitive round!
  • How to skyrocket your energy levels!
  • How to avoid the cardinal sins that hinder the game of 98% of golfers!
  • How to develop the mindset that will ensure you get and stay in great shape and consistently improve as a golfer!
  • And much, much more!

Still Don’t Believe your Body and your Swing are Connected …

Remember, the power base in every athletic golf swing is the turning motion of your body-your pivot.”

David Leadbetter (excerpt from The Golf Swing)

“Sam had amazing agility. From a flat footed stance he could leap and kick the ceiling.”

Harvey Penick (excerpt from Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book on Sam Snead)

“Training and competition place a lot of demands on your body. The right diet can improve your performance and help you recover quickly for the next workout. That’s especially important for me because I train all year round. I make sure I get enough calories and consume the right kind to fuel my workouts, which can last for hours.“

Tiger Woods (excerpt from his website,

We know you’re serious because you have read my entire letter to you. Click the Add to Cart button now and continue on your journey to excellence!

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  • Not just being able to beat your friends but being able to crush them.

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Yes, I’m FINALLY ready to unleash the PRO golfer inside of me!

Act now so you can live out your true golf potential.

Golf training that is focused on physical fitness is a specialized field that requires instruction from someone with specific knowledge of golf.

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Early Spring Sale in Progress-For 48 hours only! Normally priced at $47.

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Disclaimer: This page has discussed many of the training protocols and philosophies of tour players. However, it has not been stated nor implied in any way that we train the individuals mentioned. Each has their own team of professionals and guidance. Always consult with your physician as to the best exercises and stretches for you given your own unique health and fitness circumstances.   

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