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Discover How to Play Better Golf Using Simple Exercises and Stretches Any Golfer Can Do

Who wants to know the Best Way to Play Injury Free, with Better Strength and Flexibility in Just 6 Weeks?

It’s called ‘golf frustration’, the distinct feeling of wanting to play golf and not being able to be your best. You know what you’re capable of, but you are never quite reaching your potential. Sometimes injuries hold you back.
Other times it is your strength or lack of movement.
You see the perfect shot. You visualize it. Then, you start to execute and something goes wrong. You feel a slight pain here. Sometimes there. An aching feeling. Or, worse yet, your body just can’t pull off the shot you intended.
In the end, you just aren’t flexible enough to make the hip turn…the shoulder turncomplete your follow through. This may be the result of not enough practice. Perhaps playing with older equipment when you know you should upgrade.
But, not usually. Do you know what is most likely at play here? I thought you might. Yes, it’s the body. The body just can’t keep up with the demands of your swing, the shot you want to play or the rounds you want to put in-back to back or on consecutive days.

Why does this happen?
Keep in mind this is not something that just happens to ‘you’. Injuries comes when we least expect them. Suddenly, we realize we desperately need an extra 10 yds in order to be competitive with your playing partners or in a tournament. Your body runs low on energy. You might start feeling weak. Maybe feeling tight when you turn. It could be just one thing or a handful of different things. So, what’s going on here? The chances are you are either not preparing your body for the demands of golf or the workouts you are doing (or stretches) are not the right ones.

Can it be fixed?
Yes, of course! Normally, a quick evaluation is done to see what might be the root cause. As part of this golf fitness challenge, we will not only help you identify your greatest physical weaknesses, but we’re committed to giving you all the exercises, stretches and programs that will help you become a stronger more powerful and effective golfer.

What is the Solution?
Golf performance can be improved almost immediately and have lasting effects when players take a very targeted approach to their fitness and nutrition, similar to the practice intensity they show for their game.
So, it is the goal of this golf fitness challenge to uncover your weakest links from a physical perspective so you can work towards improvement.
For those who have not yet made the most critical connection, the golf swing has a direct correlation to one’s fitness level in most instances.
In other words, a tight body translates to a forced swing with tension. Tight hips lead to swing flaws in the way of a lower body shift or sway, but not a rotation as desired. Most swing faults or swing idiosyncrasies can be traced back to physical limitations of some sort.

Body for Golf Program Is The Answer
The program is very extensive and starts with beginner level golf workouts and progressives through very advanced, if needed, and depending on experience.

You may be surprised to learn…
  • poor spinal rotation is the most likely culprit for drives that don’t go the distance?
  • good “core” strength is mandatory to achieve powerful drives?
  • even slightly restricted motion in the shoulders causes hooks, slices and inconsistency?
  • you can overcome hooks and slices with 3 precise shoulder stretches?
  • tight hips limit your backswing and cause swing plane loss?
  • you can achieve dramatically longer drives with 2 simple hip exercises?
  • many golf injuries can be prevented when you learn the secret to how to unlock your body by a few very simple, do at home movements?
  • inflexible hamstrings are responsible for at least 7 nagging golf problems?
  • and, more…                                 

You will discover the following in our Body for Golf Program:

  • Learn what 6 basic exercises every golfer should be doing and exactly how it will help you shave more strokes off your scorecard
  • Discover which exercises produce the greatest upper body strength for your golf swing so you can maximize power and distance at the same time
  • Find the truth behind which foods produce champions while others zap your energy and leave you feeling ‘drained’ right in the middle of a round
  • Learn the eight most efficient warm up stretches that prepare your body, your mind and protect you from injury
  • Discover the most crucial elements of a golf nutrition plan that can save you strokes and help you outlast every single player in golf tournaments with ease
  • Learn the best sports drinks and nutrition bars and exactly when to use them to your advantage
  • Discover which golf fitness assessments are being used every day with professional golfers and what the information tells you about your golf swing and your potential for improvement
  • Learn which simple golf exercises and stretches in key areas ward off the most common injuries in golf so you can train and play year round and won’t be in physical jeopardy in crucial tournaments
                Saved the best part for last…And, we have put all of these things together in the ‘perfect’ golf fitness program