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"the power base in every athletic golf swing is the
turning motion of your body - your pivot.”

  • Get more Flexible. You need strength, mobility and flexibility if you want to play consistent golf.
  • Strengthen your Core. Learn how to strengthen your core as well as the best way to store and release your 'core' energy. 
  • Become Golf Strong. Playing golf to your true potential can now be a reality for you.
  • Fix Swing Faults. Learn simple moves to get rid of lasting swing faults and finally get the effortless swing you deserve..

Why Wait? Discover what you're missing... 

Tom Mason

Handicap 16

All of the guys in my weekly foursome have lost distance with age. Nobody likes it. These workouts have allowed me to add more distance and they don't take up too much time.

If you play golf, you need this:

Improve your hip turn

Tight hips, shoulders and back can make it difficult to produce consistency with your swing. Restore your movement and let your swing become natural again.

Unlock tight shoulders

Swing on plane again by releasing those tight shoulders. You'll be surprised when your swing fees up and your power is reignited. 

Build better stamina and endurance

Wake up feeling energized and ready for your next game of golf. 

Get better balance

Balance is a critical factor in maintaining your swing plane and keeping your body properly aligned. 

About our Body for Golf program

Want to learn how the best players prepare their bodies (and minds) to play better golf? Of course you do! Today's golfers are more fit than ever and it's time to use some of the exact same training styles to your benefit. 

Maybe you want to feel better, look better or simply play better golf.  We've got you covered with our unique, interesting and fun program designed for all levels of play. Our program has worked for a diverse range of players from 8 to 85 and it can work for you too!

Why Wait? Discover what you're missing... 

What Golfers Are Saying

Michael M.

“The gold standard in golf fitness training.”


“I got a better shoulder turn - maybe 30 to 40% better and I finally learned how to rotate my hips.


“This isn't just about fitness. It's learning about how to move your body better for your golf swing and it works. ”


“I found my core strength improved. This was evident in my increased ability to stay stable in my lower body during the backswing and the initial transition move. I have been striking the ball more crisply.”

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